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What aspect of our mind allows us to know the truth about aliens?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Consciousness is the door of wisdom, consciousness goes beyond the mind; as quoted in the theme of the three minds, only with the inner mind is it possible to access true knowledge. When speaking of beings from other worlds, the sensual mind asks for proofs, physical testimonies; the intermediate mind is quick to accept it as dogma or reject it and the inner mind seeks to know reality and experience. Intellect by itself is not enough to experience truth, just as the ocean cannot enter a hole in the beach.

It is essential to open the inner mind to understand that the five senses are not suitable to discover the existence of beings from other worlds, because the sensual mind, even having physical evidences, such as those possessed by NASA and countries like England, rejects life in other planets and their star travels, probably because they cannot accept that there is intelligent life and that they also have the ability to travel freely through space. The sensual mind is selfish and considers that only on Earth can there be life, although it knows that in the Universe there is an infinite number of constellations, suns, planets, as many as the number of grains of sand on the shores of the sea.

Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being", N.85. People from other worlds.