What represents the ICQ’s Logo?

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ICQ Logo

The ICQ’s Logo is the shield seen in the different representations of Quetzalcoatl, it’s the Morning Star, the planet Venus, symbol of the fraternal love the human being should have.

The main motto-objective of the Gnosis ICQ is synthesized in the Mayan phrase “In Lak’ ech a Lak’ En” (I am you and you are me) objective that we can carry out if we make the purpose of give an unselfish service to other, without any kind of distinction.


Interesting turns out to be the fact that our ancestors illustrated Quetzalcoatl with the Venus symbol on a Shield (Chimalli), which is the emblem of love in all the cultures. Through the Love lived in facts in our everyday life, is the best way to defend ourselves from the more adverse circumstances of Life.