what Egos could get our Home destroyed?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


The good customs has been lost and the unity in home has fallen down. In these times the married women go out alone in clubs, saloons, movie theaters, etc. Saturdays are special days for the married men. That day as a weekend they spent the money at the bar and to commit adultery miserably, without giving a damn for the fate of their children.

Men and women have given themselves to the relaxation of the good customs and the result could not be other than the failure in the marriage. What is built over false foundations comes to be all false. That of getting married for passion, for economic interest, for social conveniences, etc, has to lead inevitably to failure. For love to exist, complete mystic communion of the two beings in the seven levels of the Mind is needed.

Without the complete communion in the seven levels of the Mind, the result is the divorce. Love is like a lonely tree lit up by the sun. Love is like a newborn child, love is like an ineffable rose covered by the full moon’s light.

Love and Passion are incompatible. Love and Passion are two substances that cannot be mixed, Love is absolutely innocent. Where Love exists there cannot be jealousy, not anger or resentments because Love is incompatible with all of those lower passions. Love starts with a glimpse of sympathy, gets stronger with the force of affection and it synthesizes into adoration.

A Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings, one that loves more and other that loves the better. Before getting married it is necessary to self-explore the “I” in a very sincere and profound way to totally self-discover ourselves. We must use the scalpel of self criticism in order to extract the passion that we’re carrying inside and put it into the carpet of the harsh realities.  

Samael Aun Weor. Matrimony, Divorce and Tantrism.