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Where do we find the origin of Tamtoc's wisdom?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The experts of official anthropology affirm that he is a man of high rank and that his nakedness indicates fertility. Scholars of Gnostic anthropology go further, we are demanding in research and mathematicians in expression, so that, if we want to delve into the scientific, artistic, philosophical, mystical and cabalistic content of this magnificent sculpture, it is necessary to evoke the knowledge of the great sages of the past who achieved high degrees of enlightenment.

We must not forget that beyond the current Aryan race, there were other races, the Atlantean, Lemur, Hyperborean, Polar or protoplasmic race. Then the human beings of the golden ages of those human races were at a high spiritual level, the current humans are in a completely degenerate and regressed state.

The men of those ancient times were in a superior status, they were integrated with the divinity, they could handle the elements, unleash hurricanes, volcanoes, storms or appease them; that is why in the Bible it is written that God made man in his image and likeness, male and female he created them, at first the human being was androgynous, he was male and female at the same time, he was known as Adam Kadmon, then through millions of years of evolution came the separation of the sexes, man and woman emerged. All of this reminds us of studying this sculpture.


The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "The Ruler's Stone".