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How is the psychological self hidden in us?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The SUBCONSCIOUS is the sepulcher of the past on which the fatuous flame of Thought burns.

What is stored inside the sepulcher is rottenness and the bones of the dead, but the sepulchral earthenware is very beautiful, and the flame of the INTELLECT fatally burns on it.

If we want to dissolve the SELF we have to uncover the Subconscious sepulcher and exhume all the bones and rot of the past.

The tomb is very beautiful on the outside, but inside, it is filthy and abominable, we need to become gravediggers.

Insulting another, hurting his Intimate feelings, humiliating him, is a very easy thing, when it is SAID to CORRECT HIM for his own GOOD, that is how the envious, the angry, those who, believing NOT TO HATE, hate without knowing they hate.

Many are the people who struggle in life to be rich, and work, and save and take care of everything, but the secret spring of all their activities is secret envy, the one that is unknown, the one that does not come to the surface, the one that remains stored in the tomb of the SUBCONSCIOUS.

It is difficult to find someone in life who does not envy the nice house, the brand-new car, the Intelligence of the Leader, the beautiful suit, the good position, the magnificent fortune, etc. etc. etc.

Almost always the best efforts of citizens have as a secret spring, ENVY.

Many are the people who enjoy a good appetite and abhor GLOTTONY, but always eat much more than normal.

Many are the people who watch their spouse exaggeratedly but hate jealousy.

Many are the students of certain Pseudo-Esoteric and Pseudo-Occultist Schools who abhor the things of this World and do not work at anything because all that is vanity, but they are jealous of their VIRTUES and would never accept that someone would describe them as Lazy.

Many are those who hate flattery and praise, but they have no objection to humiliating with their modesty the poor poet who composed a verse for them with the sole purpose of getting a coin from them to buy a loaf of bread.

There are many Judges who know how to fulfill their duty, but there are also many Judges who, with the virtue of duty, have murdered others. There were many heads that fell with the Guillotine in the French Revolution.

All the executioners fulfill their duty, there are already millions of innocent victims of the executioners, no executioner feels guilty, every executioner fulfills his duty.

The prisons are full of Innocents, but the judges do not feel guilty because they are doing their duty.

THE FATHER or MOTHER full of anger whip and beat their little children, but they don't feel remorse because they are SAYINGLY doing their duty and they would accept anything unless they were described as cruel.

Only with a quiet and silent mind, immersed in deep meditation, can we extract from the tomb of the Subconscious, all the secret rot that we carry inside.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Social Transformation of Humanity.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Being a stealthy and solitary hunting animal (the black panther), it reminds us that the work on oneself is individual and requires the cunning necessary to surprise ourselves red-handed, study them and eliminate them without giving them any respite. They are excellent tree climbers, in which they rest and from which they also stalk, protect and eat their prey, indicating the state of novelty alertness, of alert perception that the student must have. This is the panther that, with its short, powerful limbs and exceptional grip, hardly loses a prey. Its color also indicates the darkness in which we live, the unconscious state, the total sleepiness of consciousness that prevents us from seeing the light. It says (JOHN 3:19) “THE LIGHT CAME INTO DARKNESS; BUT THE DARKNESS DID NOT KNOW HER."

As everything has a double meaning in life: the black panther, therefore, is terrible, demonic, diabolical, it represents the devil in us. A panther out of its cage, which damages everything in its path with its diabolical claws, teaches that this is the ego that apart from stalking hidden, camouflaged (like the panther's spots) damages everything, devours everything and destroys everything, this is the lust that for adultery leaves homes full of pain and misery, the pride that distances the beings who loved each other, the gluttony that prevents moderation in everything, the jealousy that turns a flea into a horse , the envy that corrodes the soul, the greed that leads to delinquency, the anger that causes all kinds of negative actions, the laziness that launches us into theft. We live in deep darkness, that is what we are today, pure darkness, we are full of psychological defects. Those psychological defects that we carry, those fears, those desires, those desires, that vanity that pushes us to show off to others, that envy that destroys us, etc., etc.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 94, Chapter: "Esoteric allegory of the Black Panther."