What is the relationship of the Laws of number, measurement and weight with Nature?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The whole Nature -says Engels- from its tinier particles to its largest bodies, from the sand grain to the sun, from the protozoan to the man, it's in constant state of birth and death, in constant flow, subdued to incessant changes and movements.

Engels study the mechanics of Nature but knows nothing about the fundamental laws of such mechanics, he knows the clock but knows nothing of the laws that rule the mechanics of the  clock; really Engels, the inseparable friend of Marx, was a poor man worthy of pity... an imbecile...

"The Dialectics -say Engels- focus on the things and their conceptual images, Substantially, in their mutual connections in their junction and concatenation, in its dynamics, in its process of Genesis and expiry."

It's absurd to affirm that the materialist dialectic can focus the things and the conceptual images Substantially without knowing the fourth characteristic of all things.

It is stupid to talk of mutual connections, junction, concatenation, dynamics, process of genesis and expiry, etc., etc., etc. without knowing the laws of Return, Recurrence, Rhythm.

Everything flows and reflows, goes and comes, ascends and descends, there is a diastole and systole in everything that exists. The heavenly bodies in the firmament and the atoms y the molecule always return to the departure point.

The laws of Return, Recurrence and Rhythm intelligently rule the life and death, the flow and reflow, and the incessant changes and movements in Nature.

The great machinery in Nature is ruled by intelligent laws that Engels never knew.

Marx and Engels only saw the clock but they did not know the clockmaker nor did they study the mechanical laws of the clockwork.
According to the law of Rhythm everything has to return to the departure point.

According to the law of Recurrence everything happens again as it took place.

The laws of Rhythm are mathematical and the laws of Return and Recurrence are also mathematical.

Everything in Nature works according to the laws of number, measurement and weight.

The chance does not exist.

The astronomers can calculate in a mathematical way the return of the suns and the planets.

We know with precision that every three months the seasons change, three months for the Spring, three for the Summer, three for Autumn and three for Winter.

In a rhythmical way everything repeats, everything happens just as it has already taken place, let's remember that the clock is round, let's remember that the time is round, and that the hours come and go always repeating themselves rhythmically, returning the hands always to the same numbers.

If we really want to know the mutual connections of all the organisms, and everything, in their truly Substantial form and not only the accidental form, we need to study the laws of Rhythm, Return and Recurrence.

The man, or to speak accurately, the Intellectual Animal, in last synthesis is energy and this can be proven by the Nuclear Physics.

The Intellectual Animal perish, he is perishable, but the energetic I by the same fact of being a sum of energetic values of Nature can't perish with the dead of the physical body and continues in our descendants.

If everything return, the I also return and if everything is repeated, it's clear that the I repeats again the drama of existence, it's in the law of Recurrence: everything happens again just as it took place plus the outcomes.

From the atom to the Sun, and from the protozoon to the man, every sum of energetic values is subdued to the laws of Return, Recurrence and Rhythm.

It's impossible to get to know really the intrinsic mutual connection of all the beings and all the peoples in their real junction  and authentic concatenation, if we have never studied the laws of Rhythm, Return and Recurrence.

It's impossible to establish a perfect social order, if we don't understand profoundly the laws of Nature.

The proletarian dictatorship, the communist violence, the religious persecution, etc., etc., are the fatal result of a terrible interpretation of the laws of Nature.

In the name of God matter and of a materialist dialectic  which at the bottom only is cheap reasoning, innocent nuns are raped and priest of every cult are assassinated.

It's necessary that our readers do not confound the laws of Return and Recurrence with the theosophical doctrine of Reincarnation.
The I, being pluralized has no individuality and therefore it's reincarnation is impossible.

If the I is legion there is no reincarnating individuality, really the I return and continue in our descendants, but that is not reincarnation, that's only Return and Recurrence.

It's clear that the I reconstitute new cells with its perceptions and sensations, it puts its clothes again, but that is not Reincarnation because if there is no individuality one cannot talk of Reincarnation.

It's stupid to affirm that a legion of I's reincarnates, better is to say that the pluralized I returns.

However, here we don't want to deny the Reincarnation, we only clarify what the laws of Return, Recurrence and Rhythm are.

The Social Christ. Chapter 63. Rhythm, Return and Recurrence. Samael Aun Weor.