Why don't we have a real democracy and how could we reach it?

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It happens to be axiomatic that democracy still doesn't exist. We need to create it. We can create the authentic and legitimate democracy, that is only possible by ending all the economic problems of the people. We are plenty sure that if the individual gets technical prepared, the people get industrialized. Every country plenty industrialized inevitably walks in the rail of a superior level of life.

The world is an individual and if this last one doesn't have enough technical preparation and enough skills to make an honorable life, the outcome inevitably has to be the hunger and the misery of people.

It's urgent to understand the necessity of creating an authentic and legitimate democracy over the solid basis of the Christian Socialism. It doesn't matter the name we give to the last one. We could name it Buddhist, Muslim Socialism, etc.

The important thing is that it should be a soviet socialism of atheistic and anti-religious kind. We don't want to fall into the conservative and reactionary theories of the dialectic and historic materialism. Such theories were revolutionary for their time, but now it's clear that they are conservative and even worse, they are reactionary too.

We need social workers of good will to create the AUTHENTIC AND LEGITIMATE DEMOCRACY. This workers could make a gigantic labor of technical preparation among the multitudes, the unions could become real apostolic schools of sacrifice and love for the fellow. The social workers of each trade union could get organized to make social labor. The carpenters, shoemakers, hairdressers, mechanics, etc., could teach courses of technical education in all the city's sectors and in all the countries of the earth, to help those who are not properly prepared for the struggling for the bread of every day.

The Social Christ. Samael Aun Weor.