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What is the mystery of the twin souls in esotericism?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

The mystery of the twin souls is extraordinary and the twin Quetzalcoatl brings this into highlight. Unquestionably the purest essence of our own soul can manifest itself in any other organism apart from the personal one. Here is the mystery of soulmates, one of the greatest and most sublime mysteries of Love.

When a man finds his twin partner he has unquestionably found happiness. Blessed is the man who finds the woman he loves, let us only remember that love begins as a flash of sympathy, is substantiated by the forces of affection and synthesized in adoration.

A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more and another who loves better. Love is the best religion.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: For the Few.


Response given on the magazine
The Wisdom of the Being, number 83.

These teachings highlight one of the greatest mysteries of esotericism, that which is called as: Twin souls. Of course, it has many meanings, the one expressed here is that the essence can manifest itself in two different bodies and in different places. It also means that when someone destroying their psychological defects of lust, pride, self-esteem, jealousy, intolerance, etc., manages to turn their marriage into something sublime, they find their soulmate in their partner and make his/her marriage a perfect verse.

If we read in Greek mythology, we find the myth of Perseus (the essence), he has to go down to the underworld (from his own subconscious) to decapitate Medusa (our psychological defects), the same goes for the divine twins in the Mayan book from the Popol Vuh, they have to go down to the underworld to defeat the lords who rule there, they do it through the “Religious Ball Field” (Ball Game); they are again the representation of the values ​​of the Being against our errors.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXIII International Congress and the Magazine 83.