How can the conflict worker-employer be solved?

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The conflict between worker-employer can be solved if we learn to see the others' point of view. When we want to solve a problem we shouldn't be identified with the problem because then we became another problem. If we want to solve the problem that exists between employers and workers, we need to understand that the solution for the problem lies in the problem itself, it's urgent to have the mind in peace to solve the problems. It happen that when the workers want to solve the problem of employers and workers, they get so identified with the problem that they become another problem that doesn't solve anything.

We need before anything, to discover what is the main factor that ends with the PEACE inside and outside us because the truth is that in most cases the error that we see in other it's within ourselves.

We need to discover what is the cause of the conflict between the employers and the workers. This problem could only be solved by making the precise approach of the situation, this requires infinite stillness and supreme interior peace. By knowing deeply the real cause of the conflict, this will inevitable disappear.

We need to be sincere with ourselves. Many times the origin of the problem is inside ourselves. We never really know to see from others' point of view and that is so serious. Sometimes the employer is guilty and some others the guilty is the worker who demands and demands until finishing the employer from whom the worker lives.

The most of the problems in life are due to the lack of interior peace; we are filled with infinite contradictions and this causes discord and conflicts. We are poor and we want to be rich, we are workers and we want to be managers, we are making enough money to live humbly with all the necessary and we want to make more so we can feel more powerful.

The Social Christ. Samael Aun Weor.