Work of the under-aged ones

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Currently there is a lot of under-aged who have to work to make their living. It’s necessary also to fight for the under-aged. It’s indispensable for them to be properly attended by the Social Justice.

It’s ok that the medical science examine the under-aged and extend a certificate, it’s clear that it is necessary to examine their organisms to know if they are useful for the work, if they can work, if they are in conditions for working.

It would be absurd that the authorities allow the under-aged work in places where alcoholic beverages are sold ready to drink, cantinas, sales of every kind of liquor, etc.

There are certain jobs that don’t harm the under-aged: peddlers, jobs at the warehouse, stores, offices, etc. the Government should always protect the under-aged who work those establishments that cannot harm the moral of the under-aged.

The subterranean or submarine works seem to us too dangerous for the under-aged ones.

In no way it’s convenient to send the under-aged to work in unhealthy and dangerous places, the organism of any under-aged gets sick easily in harmful places for health.

It is criminal to make the under-aged work in jobs that are superior that their forces, and in those jobs that in one or another form delays the development of mind and body of the minors.

Because of an obligation of Social Justice we consider that the under-aged should not work more that two hours per day, divided into two periods of one hour each one, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It’s unfair to make the under-aged work extra hours and holidays.

The minors and the alders need special consideration. It’s urgent that the bosses who may violate these kind of dispositions are duly punished by paying two hundred percent more of the salary that corresponds to the worker’s salary.

The under-aged should enjoy a month of vacation each year; they need a good rest to live healthy.

The under-aged should have enough time to assist to the school and capacitation centers.

The job inspectors of every city, town, village, etc. should take care of the under-aged health.

It’s necessary that the governments demand the bosses a special book of registry, where could be carefully registered the birthdate, kind of work, schedule, wage, etc. to control the under-aged issue, then everything will work just well.

The Labor Court, job inspections, etc. should be exigent with these kinds of registries and fine the employer who may not fulfill with such obligation.

The human kind has become too perverse and egoistic, and that’s why it’s urgent to duly control the employers.

The under-aged need state protection, because in them lies the hopes of the future.

We have known horrifying cases, many under-aged had to pay the price of the right to have a miserable job, with their own blood.

We knew the case of a minor who asked to enter in a certain job at the government; the wretched was subdued to terrible vexations, and ultimately they extracted enough blood supposedly for the bank of blood.

The poor boy had the necessity of working to support his mother and despite being thin and very young, he had to pay with blood the right to work.

Today there is no pity for anyone, no compassion for anyone; even the right to work has to be paid with blood.

Crowds of under-aged wander on the streets of the big capitals looking for a job: “come tomorrow” they are said, “not today, tomorrow, comeback in fifteen days”. We will consider you when there is a vacancy, etc., etc., etc.

The time passes on and maybe his mother is hungry, the family succumbs in misery, the Father id sick and he can’t work, etc. despair finally comes, the under-aged gets related on the streets with persons without a job like him, desperate: some minors already misdirected throw criminal ideas showing off, the ingenuous minor fascinated gets enthusiastic with those ideas and WALKS the path of misdemeanor, theft, stealing, crime, etc., etc., etc.

Society creates underworld Monsters, gangsters, assassins, thieves, etc.

It’s urgent to understand the need to protect the under-aged, only like this, only by understanding their needs and protecting them duly, it’s possible to form useful citizens for the society and for the Motherland.

The government should duly protect the under-aged who works.

The under-aged will be tomorrow’s adults and that’s why it’s urgent to give them job and to duly protect them.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Transformation of the Humanity.