Why can't we miss any of the 3 factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness in our interior work?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The first thing that we need to awake, to understand our own misery, vanity and pain.

After this the Ego stars dying from moment to moment. It's urgent the death of the Psychological I (the defects). Only by dying the real Being is born into us, only the Being could exert real conscious authority, to awake, to die, to be born. These are the three psychological phases that lead us to the real conscious existence.

We go to awake to die and we got to die to be born internally. Whoever is born without having awoken becomes a Stupid Saint.

Whoever is born before being died becomes an individual with double personality, the very rightful and the very evil one.

To be spiritually self-realized it is necessary to live three factors, To Die... (to kill our defects) To Be Born... (to properly make the most of our energies) and Sacrifice... (to serve our fellow human beings).

Next we will explain these factors.

The elimination of the defects can be done by putting into practice a Gnostic method that has as a basis to take up the sword of will.

To create new vehicles or inner senses by means of the scientific process of the alchemical transmutation of the energies in the very same human laboratory. As the alumnus is achieving grades of consciousness in his esoteric work, the masters of the White Lodge will guide him. The unselfish service at helping the poor sorrowful humanity, to dress the naked one, to nourish the starving one, to heal the sick ones, to invite others to know this spiritual path or teach it to them. By means of the three factors afore mentioned: Elimination of our defects, alchemical transmutation of our energies and the service to the human kind we achieve the total perfection. This is the only spiritual path.

Samael Aun Weor. The Awakening of the Man.