What's the solution for the problem of unemployment?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The problem of unemployment is one of the most serious problems in the world.

Many times we tend to believe that the industrialization in a big scale could solve this problem, but we had to abandon this idea when we were able to prove that a country highly industrialized like the United States of North America has got up to ten millions of unemployed people.

If we want the problem of unemployment to be solved we got to give more importance to agriculture, livestock, poultry breeding, and in general to all works in the field.

In the practice it is absurd to have six or seven millions of people enclosed inside the tight limits of a cit, it's too clear that the competition left millions of persons without a job, we have a very clear example of this in the simple fact of taking a taxi, a bus, a train when we are asking any vehicle of these to stop, if we have competition, if there are many persons waiting for the same as us, we can logically waste our time because the other people is competing with us and if this last one is excessive we got to get back home on foot,  or wait for several hours to until having an opportunity.

If the governments really want to solve the problem of unemployment, they have to found many schools of agriculture accessible to the regular man, the profession of farmer must assume now a superior category; the minister of agriculture and livestock must support  without any reservation every man willing to work as a farmer, poultry breeder, livestock farmer, etc., etc., etc.
It's shameful having thousands of citizens wandering the streets asking for jobs when the fields are needing arms to work the land that gives us sustenance.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.