How should we behave with the real professional without academic degree?

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The official science is not all the science. The professional degree doesn't mean absolute wisdom. it's absurd that the university want to monopolize all the professions.

Nowadays there are naturalist, botanic doctors, etc., that even though they can't show an university degree they are qualified in the art of healing, there are practical engineers in that matter that even though they don't possess an university degree they make real wonders in the hard field of engineering.

We have known real advocates without degree that do wonders as lawyers.

So what? Why so much preference for those who has university degree? Many times the professional without degree is much better that the professional with degree.

There are all around the world, doctors without degree that have done real prodigies in the field of medicine, many of them are pursuit for the crime of healing; We state that healing is not a crime, killing may be a crime but healing could not be a crime.

We know engineers without degree that have corrected the works of engineers with degree, the job is denied to these engineers without degree despite their works are magnificent.

We know wonderful lawyers that even though they have no title they have taken out many righteous from the jail.

The egoistical competence of the professionals with degree controls governments, judges and lawyers. The governments are really at the service of the egotism and competence.

The humble herb-seller who can demonstrate at least one hundred well-done healings is in facts and by right a doctor, and it happens to be stupid to pursuit and jail him.

The lawyer without degree that can demonstrate with fact his professional capabilities, with hard facts, is in fact a lawyer even though he has no degree. Why would someone forbids him to practice his profession? He is being useful. Why would someone pursuit the one who is being useful?

The degree-less engineer that can present a highway or building made by him, is in fact an engineer, why would someone demand him to show a degree when the work is speaking for him?

Even better that the university degrees are the works presented by the professional, nobody can speak better out for the man but the his works.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.