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What is the goal of the Rune FA?


Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.

It is worthy to know that this magical science of breath (Pranayama), when wisely combined with SCIENTIFIC MEDITATION, permits us to utilize certain sparks, flashes, flames of Kundalini, for the healthy purpose of attaining the AWAKENING.

To CONSCIOUSLY work within the distinct PARALLEL UNIVERSES, to travel by will in a lucid, clear and brilliant way through all of those supra-sensible regions, is only possible by transforming the SUBCONSCIOUSNESS into CONSCIOUSNESS.

A JUDO of the SPIRIT exists; we are referring to the RUNIC EXERCISES. These are formidable in order to attain the AWAKENING OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS.
Whosoever wants to work with this JUDO must begin to work with the RUNE OF MERCURY, which has a violet color that originates extraordinary cosmic forces.

Samael Aun Weor..

Response given on the ICQ's XXII Congress.

All facing east. Let's do the practice for the awakening of the consciousness.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXII Congress.