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Why are we told that the three furies are an obstacle for the awakening of the Conscience?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


“Let us now talk about the THREE FURIES who are gorged with all the poisons of the Gorgons. They wear hydras of the deepest green as girdles, small serpents and cerastes form their hair, which are used to encircle their bestial temples.

Listen to me M. M., you must know once for all that these are the three traitors of Hiram Abif.

MEGAERA is on the left, always dreadful and horrible. She who weeps upon the right is ALLECTO, in whose heart is hidden discord, fraud which produces disorder, and evil things which take away peace. Between them is TISIPHONE.

Each Fury tears at her breast with her repugnant nails, each with her palms beats on herself and wails so loud: “Just let Medusa come; then we shall turn him into stone.” Looking down, they all cry “we should have punished THESEUS’ assault.”

Remember GNOSTIC Brethren that MARA is the Lord of the five desires, the factor of death, and is an enemy of the TRUTH. Who are they who always accompany him? Are not perhaps his three daughters the Three FURIES, those tempting females? Are they not the ones, with all of their tenebrous legions, who assaulted the Buddha?

Can perhaps JUDAS, PILATE, and CAIAPHAS be missed in the COSMIC DRAMA? DANTE found JUDAS, BRUTUS and CASSIUS in the NINTH CIRCLE of the INFERNOS.”

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Course of Magic Runic