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What is the Ganymede civilization like?

Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

We will talk about the experience he had with extraterrestrial beings, a terrestrial man named Yosiph Ibrahim.

The author says that they are very similar to us, although they have special characteristics, differences typical of an evolutionary development with a million years approximately, more advanced than us. His knowledge and power over Nature and the Cosmos are so advanced, that many of the phenomena considered among us as miracles, are natural and current events in his world, such as traveling through space in cosmic ships, having developed powers and faculties to float in the air, to cross a rock, to raise the dead, the power to heal and many others.

These beings are supermen because they have developed their internal faculties, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, intuition, etc., which has allowed them to advance in many aspects of life and their experiences in the different dimensions have marked their approach to what which is God. The cosmic Law of Evolution, universal progress, the laws of recurrence, return, reincarnation, are the foundation of their knowledge.

Their education is also different from ours; children are educated by parents from birth, from 0 to 7 years (when personality is formed) education is in the hands of their parents and in family coexistence, later they are taken to places where they receive education geared towards development of the faculties and aptitudes that each one has, the time that follows is aimed at developing the aptitudes of each student, then enters established institutes to continue the knowledge in the occult sciences, such as astronomy, anatomy, psycho-astrology, physics, chemistry, medicine, philosophy, etc.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 85, Cap. Ganymede, Jupiter's satellite.