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What is measured in the trials of the 4 elements?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.


In the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs these four trials had to be faced valiantly in the physical world. Now the candidates have to pass these four trials in the supra-sensitive worlds.

THE TRIAL OF THE FIRE - This trial is to prove the serenity and sweetness of the candidate. The wrathful and choleric inevitably fail this trial. The candidate is persecuted, insulted, wronged etc. Many are they who react violently and return to the physical body having failed completely. The victorious are received in the Chamber of the Children and are welcomed with delightful music; the music of the spheres. The flames horrify the weak.

THE TRIAL OF THE AIR - Those who despair because they lose something or someone, those who fear poverty, those who are not willing to lose what they most love, fail in the trial of the air. The candidate is thrown into the depths of a precipice. The weak cry out and return terrified to the physical body. The victorious are received in the Chamber of the Children with celebration and welcome.

THE TRIAL OF THE WATER - The great trial of the water is really terrible. The candidate is thrown into the ocean and believes himself to be drowning. Those who do not know how to adapt to the various social conditions of life, those who do not know how to live among the poor, those who after being shipwrecked in the ocean of life reject struggle and prefer to die; they, the weak inevitably fail in the trial of the water. The victorious are received in the Chamber of the Children with cosmic festivities.

THE TRIAL OF THE EARTH - We must learn to take advantage from the worst adversities. The worst adversities bring us the best opportunities. We should learn to smile before all adversity. That is the Law. Those who succumb to pain before the adversities of existence, cannot victoriously pass the trial of the Earth.

In the superior worlds the candidate finds himself between two enormous mountains that menacingly close in on him. If the candidate screams with horror, he returns to the physical body, having failed. If he is serene, he is victorious and is received in the Chamber of the Children with great festivity and immense happiness.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Perfect Matrimony.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The master narrates how he passed the four trials of the elements faced by all those who yearn for initiation.

In the trial of fire he had to cross a room with red-hot beams, the passage between those burning irons was very narrow, there was hardly room to support his feet. And he passed the trial.

In the trial of the air he was hung on a gloomy precipice and passed the trial.

In the trial of water, he was thrown into the water full of crocodiles, managing to emerge victorious through petitions to the elemental Devas and having previously worked through facing difficult situations in life with understanding and fortitude.

In the trial of the earth, two masses of rock closed before him threatening to crush him, he did not identify with them and came out victorious

This is how he returned to the path of the Revolution of Consciousness after having suffered the unspeakable.

Master Samael was received at the Initiatic College, dressing him in the white linen tunic of the priests of Isis and the Egyptian Tao cross was placed on his chest.

In the College of Initiates, the teacher continued his studies because Wisdom is infinite. The initiation is not of one, the initiation is of the Being.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 92, Chapter: "The Egyptian Initiations."