What is the Law of Return?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

It's evident that three are the things that go to the sepulcher: the body, the vital bottom and the personality which get dissolved little by little...

it's unquestionably that not everything goes o the sepulcher; there's something that continues beyond, I refer myself to Seth, the Ego, the Me Myself. In no way are we exaggerating if we stress the correct idea that what survives are a bunch of devils (I's). Such I'S-DEVILS often assist to the spiritualist centers; then they get inside the bodies of the MEDIUMS and they introduce themselves.

The world gains nothing with those tenebrous experiments; the KARMA of such mediums is the epilepsy in the subsequent lives...

SETH, THE PLURALIZED I does not REINCARNATE; it comes back, it returns, it gets inside new organisms, that's all. The word REINCARNATION is very exigent, KRISHNA's doctrine teaches that only the Gods, Devas, divine Kings, semi-Gods, etc, REINCARNATES; unfortunately the western world has abused so much of that term... In ancient times the REINCARNATIONS were celebrated with great parties.

The PLURALIZED I excludes any INDIVIDUALITY. In no way could there be INDIVIDUALITY where multiple entities (I's) co-exist, that fight among each other and that cause several psychological contradictions in us. The REINCARNATION is only for SACRED BEINGS.

When SETH dies in a complete way only remains in us the BEING, that which gives us authentic INDIVIDUALITY... When is disintegrated in a total way, then the CONCIOUSNESS,  the SOUL gets free, it wakes up radically and then comes the interior illumination... It is ostensible that we should reach the OVER-INDIVIDUALITY if we really long for the final liberation. As we elevate ourselves in the marvelous scale of the plain revolutionary development, we realize entirely that in the stages where we have worked, we almost always committed the mistake of confounding the shadows as the realities.

And when we finally reach the final liberation after many deaths and renouncements each time more and more terrible, then the mayavic veil would stop existing for us.

Samael Aun Weor. My Return to Tibet