Why is better the Work Standard than the Gold Standard?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The gold standard is going to disappear, the work standard should replace the gold standard, the currency should represent working hours.
If we want the gold standard to disappear we need to get totally industrialized.

As long as the underdeveloped countries don't get developed they will continue to be slaves of the gold standard.

The total industrialization turns a underdeveloped country into a developed country.

The underdeveloped countries are forced to buy to the developed countries everything they need and they only can pay with the gold standard.

The United States of North America is a developed country and Latin-America is made up by underdeveloped countries.

The Latin-American  tradesmen have to buy to the United States merchandises  and pay them with the gold standard.

The United States don't accept the equality of the currency and they demand the payment in dollars or its equivalent to dollars as if the whole Latin-American territory were the United States.

When the national currency of any Latin-American country is too low compared to the dollar, it's clear that the purchase of merchandise to the United States is too expensive.

The importer tradesmen sell at a high price because they buy at a high price, and the little tradesmen buy at a high price and also sell at a high price.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Social Christ.