Is there the real social justice?

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If we want to ward off the horrible monster of communism in Latin America, we need true social justice.

It is absurd that the states provoke with their injustices strikes, organized obstruction of production, acts of violence, shouts of protest, etc., etc., etc.

The state was not created to create problems, the state was created in order to resolve problems.

In all the really civilized countries, or that presume of being civilized, the Institutions of Providence and Social Welfare must be founded.

That institution would solve with efficiency the problems of retirement, pensions, unemployment, incapacity for work, etc., Etc., Etc.

To create such an institution for providence and social welfare, money would be needed, and a lot of money, but fortunately the world is full of money, the crucial thing is to know how to distribute it wisely.

Even though it is true that there exist many unjust taxes, also it is certain that many just taxes could be applied.

The head of a household, if he has money to do a great party at his house, also is just that he cooperate with a tax for Institutions of Providence and Social Welfare. Thus he pays off the sleeplessness that he causes for his neighbors; it's good to know that everything in life has a cost.

The individual that has the bad habit of smoking, it's good that he pays for his vice, that he cooperates with a tax for the Institution of Providence and Social Welfare.

The drunkard that torments humanity with his binges must pay the tax for his vice.

The unmarried man, since he does not even have woman, at the very least must cooperate with his tax for this institution.

The hour has arrived to create the stamp duty for the Institution of Providence and Social Welfare.

This stamp duty is to be in use on all transport tickets, whether for overland, for water or for air.

All letters, all documents, any sorts all certificate, should be able to carry this single stamp.

All theatrical tickets, cinemas, bullfighting, football, circus', etc., etc., must have this stamp.

It is necessary for the people that is having a good time to cooperate with the poor people that can't have a good time anymore.

They must impose a tax on the large companies, like insurance companies, credit brokers, stockbrokers, etc., for the benefit of the Institutions of Providence and Social Welfare.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ