According to Gnosis, what are the benefits of meditation?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


As long as we haven’t directly experimented that which “IS NOT” of time, that which is the “TRUE” will not have the energy, the fervour, the incentive, the constant strength that is needed to work hard over our selves in this modern times.  The aspirers are lukewarm, they don’t effort sufficiently, steadily; this, precisely due to the fact that they have never, truly experimented that which is beyond the Body, the affections and the mind… that which is the TRUTH.  It’s not possible to have an incentive to work over one self, if previously the “Real” has not been experimented.

The Science of Meditation.


In life the only important thing is a radical change, total and definitive; the rest frankly has no importance whatsoever. Meditation becomes fundamental when we sincerely wish such change.  In no way we want the unimportant meditation, superficial and meaningless.

We need to be serious and leave aside petty things that abound all over in the cheap pseudo-Esoterism and the pseudo-Occultism.  We must learn to be serious; we need to know how to change if we truly seek not to fail in the Esoteric Work.

Who does not know how to meditate, the superficial, the silly, he/she will never be able to dissolve the Ego; will always be like an impotent piece of wood amidst the furious sea of life.  A defect uncovered in the terrain of the practical life must be deeply understood by means of the technique of meditation.

The Great Rebellion