Where is the most serious problem of the public education?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The most critical problem of education is not the students of primary, secondary schools or universities, but the parents and teachers.

If parents and teachers do not know themselves, it they are not capable of understanding a boy or girl, if they do not know how to understand in depth their relationship with boys and girls who start living their lives, if they are only concerned with cultivating the intellect of those who they are educating, then how can we create a new type of education?

The child, the student goes to school to receive conscious guidance but if the teachers are of narrow criteria, conservative, reactionary, retardatory, so will the student be.

Educators should re-educate themselves, know themselves, review all their knowledge and understand that we are entering a New Age. Education is transformed by transforming the educators.

To educate the educators is more difficult, because everyone who has read a lot, everyone who has a title, everyone who has to teach, everyone who works as a schoolteacher is already the way he is. His mind is bottled up in fifty thousand theories that he has studied and he would not change, he just never learns his lesson.

Teachers should teach HOW TO THINK but unfortunately they are only concerned with teaching what students should think about.
Parents and teachers live full of terrible financial, social and emotional worries, etc. Parents and teachers are mostly occupied with their own conflicts and sorrows.

They are not seriously interested in studying and solving the problems that boys and girls of the "New Age" pose to them.

There exists tremendous mental, moral and social degeneration but parents and teachers are full of anxiety and personal concerns and only have time to think of the economic aspect of children, in giving them a profession so that they will not die of hunger and that is all.

Contrary to general belief, the majority of parents do not truly love their children. If they loved them they would struggle for the common interest, they would be concerned with the problems of education with the purpose of achieving a true change.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Fundamental Education