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What is expressed through the inner mind?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

The inner mind is abysmally different, it builds its concepts with the data provided by the higher consciousness of the Being, by our Father who is in Secret, therefore, its data is exact as a Pythagorean table. The Inner mind could never function without those data provided by the inner consciousness of the Being. The Inner Mind is fundamental for the direct experience of the truth, this extraordinary mind even allows us to come into contact with our older brothers, that is, the aliens that they can transmit transcendental knowledge to us, that they love us, that they know perfectly well the social decomposition in which we are immersed and want to help us.

This superior mind allows us to see the Akashic records of nature and to know the history of the world, of the solar system, of the galaxy, etc., it allows us to deeply know the human microcosm that each of us is, allows us to communicate with the teachers of wisdom and learn it at your feet. Unquestionably, the consciousness can experience what is real. There is no doubt that the conscience knows about the truth, however for the manifestation, the conscience needs a mediator, an instrument of action and this, in itself, is the inner mind.

Consciousness directly knows the reality of each natural phenomenon and can manifest it through the inner mind. So, opening the inner mind is the way to get out of the world of doubts and ignorance. This means that only by opening the inner mind, authentic faith in the human being is born and this fills him with great enthusiasm to transform himself radically. Now we will understand the words of the Christ when he said: "If you had faith like a mustard seed you would move mountains".

Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being", N.85. The Transcendence of opening our Inner Mind.