What is good and what is evil?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Good and Evil do not exist. Something is good when it is convenient and evil when it is not convenient. Good and Evil is a matter of egotistical conveniences and whims of the mind.

The man who invented the fateful terms Good and Evil was an Atlantean called Makari Kronvernkzyon, distinguished member of the Akaldan scientific society, located in the submerged continent of Atlantis.

The elderly archaic sage never suspected the grave harm that he was going to cause humanity with the invention of those two small words.

The wise Atlanteans profoundly studied all the Evolutive, Involutive and Neutral Forces of Nature, but it occurred to this old sage, the idea of defining the first two forces with the terms Good and Evil. He called the forces of an Evolutive type, good and the forces of an Involutive type he baptized with the term of evil. He did not give any name to the neutral forces.

Such forces are processed inside man and inside nature, the neutral forces being the point of support and equilibrium.

Many centuries after the submersion of Atlantis with its famous Poisedonis which Plato talked about in his Republic, there existed in the Oriental civilization Tiklyamishayana, a very ancient priest, who committed the grave error of abusing the terms of good and evil, clumsily using them to base on them a moral. The name of that priest was Armanatoora.

With the passing of history through countless centuries, humanity grew addicted to these two small words and converted them into the basis of all its moral codes. Nowadays, one finds these two small words even in soup. Actually there are many reformers that want moral restoration but who, unfortunately for them and this afflicted world, have the mind imprisoned between good and evil.

Every moral bases itself on these two small words, good and evil; that is why every moral reformer is, as a matter of fact, a reactionary.

The terms good and evil always serve to justify or condemn our own errors.

Whoever justifies or condemns does not understand. It is intelligent to understand the development of Evolutive forces but it is not intelligent to justify them with the term good. It is intelligent to understand the processes of the involutive forces but it is stupid condemn them with the term of evil.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor