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Why are we called human machines?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being"..

... Behind every mental contradiction there is a "mask" with which we personify this or that defect; and as direct experience confirms these facts, we can assert with certainty: "we have a body, but we are not individuals."

Actually, in reality, the physical machine is under the constant influence of many different people and they all exist within us.

If we see erotic scenes, the person of lust assumes control of the body and immediately seeks to satisfy her passions and desires.

If we believe that others have been unfair to us, the person of resentment assumes control of the body and immediately or indirectly, rebels, argues, and even becomes the most bitter public enemy.

If one day we want to transform our physical appearance, we go out very determined and buy clothes and exercise machines, but the moment it rains, or it gets cold, or we have to get up early to exercise, the lazy person takes control of the body and convinces us that it is too early, that we are tired, that we can do it later. At the end of the day, we neither exercise, nor improve our health, and everything remains the same.

That is why Gnosis invites us to observe ourselves, so that we can understand how each of these personified defects influence and affect the functioning of the five cylinders of the human machine, since our defects are only interested in satisfying their own desires. and that's it.


The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: "The Plurality of the Ego".