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How can we work with the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being"..

The Four Noble Truths constitute the foundation of Buddhist philosophy, the first of them, the Buddha tells us that through meditation he came to discover that suffering is originated by ourselves, pain is the result of our own mistakes, because we are not perfect, since we have the Ego within, when the ego disappears, authentic and true happiness comes to us.

The second great truth tells us: Birth is suffering, so is old age, illness and death, the cause of pain is desire and the five poisons that are; attachment, hatred, ignorance, ego and jealousy, these elements cause us a series of disturbances and these are our worst enemies, when consciousness awakens, ignorance disappears and fear ceases to exist.

The third great truth refers to the fact that suffering can be overcome, it is in the most difficult moments, in the most adverse circumstances where we discover our main defects with the sense of self-observation, although it is stunted in the human being; however, as we use it, it develops.

The fourth great truth is the path that leads us to the cessation of suffering and that path is the Eightfold Path. It is the path that leads to Nirvana, to true happiness. This path has eight stages that must be combined with each other when practicing.

Before going to sleep, we should do a retrospection to examine the events of the day and detect the mistakes made. The psychological self clumsily uses the psychic material on the defects that are manifested in daily coexistence with our peers or family, with friends, at work, on the street, etc., it is the mirror where we can see ourselves reflected as we are.

Every defect must be taken to meditation to analyze and understand it at all levels of the mind and later be eliminated by that higher power derived from our Being, called Devi Kundalini, Maria, Maya, Isis, etc. our divine inner mother.



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