What do we understand by Freedom?

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The sense of Freedom is something which has not been understood by Humanity yet.

Very serious mistakes have been made about the concept of Freedom, which is always presented in a more or less erroneous way.

Certainly, we fight for a word: we come to absurd conclusions, commit all kind of abuses and shed blood on the battlefields.

The word Freedom is fascinating, everybody likes it. Nevertheless, we have not true comprehension of it; confusion exists in relation to this word.

It is impossible to find a dozen people for whom the word Freedom has the same meaning and in the same way.

In no way could the term Freedom be comprehensible for subjective rationalism.

Each person has different ideas about this term: people's subjective opinions lacking in any objective reality.

When the question of Freedom is laid out, there is incoherence, vagueness, incongruence in each mind.

I am sure that not even Emmanuel Kant, the author of The Critic of Pure Reason, did ever analyze this word to give it the exact meaning.

Freedom, beautiful word, charming term; how many crimes have been committed in its name!

Unquestionably, the term Freedom has hypnotized the crowds; the mountains and the valleys, the rivers and the seas have become stained with blood by the spell of this magic word...

Samael Aun Weor. The Great Rebellion