When to be quiet or to speak becomes a crime?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Intellectual information about many subjects is given to children and young people and they are put on the path of sports whose abuse miserably shortens life. But, unfortunately, when the sexual energy appears with which adolescence begins, teachers as well as parents, based on a false puritanism and on stupid morals resolve to remain criminally silent.

There are criminal silences and there exist infamous words. To keep silent about the sexual problem is a crime. To speak mistakenly about the sexual problem also constitutes another crime.

If parents and teachers keep silent, the sexual perverts speak and the victims are the inexperienced adolescents.

If the adolescent cannot consult his parents or teachers he will then consult his classmates that are possibly already deviated onto the mistaken path. The result does not take a long time to be seen and the new adolescent following false advice gives himself up to masturbation or he deviates onto the path of homosesuality.

The vice of masturbation totally ruins the cerebral potency. It is necessary to know that there exists an intimate relation between the semen and the brain. It is necessary to cerabrize the semen. It is necessary to seminize the brain.

The brain is seminized by transmuting sexual energy, sublimating it, transforming it into cerebral potency.

In this way the semen remains cerebrized and the brain seminized.

The Gnostic science studies Endocrinology in depth and teaches methods and systems to transmute the sexual energies but this is a matter that does not fall within the scope of his book.

If the reader wants information about Gnosticism he should study our Gnostic books and enter our studies.

Adolescents should sublimate their sexual energies cultivating the aesthetic sense, learning about music, sculpture, paintings, making excursions to high mountains, etc.

How many faces that could have been beautiful are withered! How many brains are degenerated! Everything because of lack of a warning in the appropriate moment.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor