What's the "Mali Mali" decease?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The human evolution was at a stagnant and later it entered into the descendent path of the devolution and degeneration.

The human mind has no more the natural spontaneity of past times.

The mind of this perverse generation of vipers has become spontaneously clumsy and has nothing of previous promptness and elasticity.

The parents and school teachers are sick, terribly sick! of materialism and stupidity and with their theories and opinions horribly infect the children's minds.

In the Philippines exists a decease called "Mali Mali", it's a very curious type of psychosis. The patients of "Mali Mali" are a hundred percent imitators.

The people sick of the "Mali Mali" follows a person who walks on the street, and seat down when that person seat down, and get up when he gets up, and take what the person takes and repeat as parrots what the person says, et., etc.

The "Mali Mali in Europe and America is called fashion, if a celebrity appears in public using a miniskirt, everybody uses it as well, and if she appears half-naked, everybody imitates her, so is the fashion.

Any given day the Prince of Wales decided to let the hat in his residence with the purpose of evading his flatterers and give himself the chance of walk the streets freely as any citizen, even though he wasn't using a hat.

The next day the non-hat fashion was born; now there are a few who uses the hat, that's the Mali Mali.

In times of Nazism everybody wants to be a Nazi and in times of Communism everybody wants to be a Communist, that's the Mali Mali.

Marx took from the unhappy humanity its spiritual values; now everybody wants to be a Marxist, that's the Mali Mali.

The materialistic "Mali Mali" has infected the mind of the new generations. The materialistic ideas infect the mind of the children and young people, with the complicity of the official authorities.

The illustrated ignoramuses of the dialectic materialism has settled the dogma of reject anything which is not demonstrated by the evidence of the senses and the reason.

That is a phrase which is not as important as it sounds used by many fools who make a show of being intelligent.

We only can accept the infallibility of the reason and the evidence of the senses when there is exclusion of the subjective elements.

Only the objective reasoning and the objective receptiveness happen to be exact, but the materialistic dialectic being subjective can know nothing of objectivity.

The modern educators with their materialistic "Mali Mali" are destroying the human mind to set it up according to the fashion.

The children don't accept what comes from the "Mali Mali" anymore, they are ill of materialistic psychosis.

In these times the "Mali Mali" phrases are so popular, for everything outside the fashion there are phrases like this "that has not been proved", "that doesn't exist", "that's an hallucination", etc., etc.

There are no more tales of fairies and mermaids and enchanted palaces, no one is anymore interested in the One Thousand and One Night.

Now children and young people of both sex nourish their minds with materialistic theories and movies of assassins, whores and thieves.

The outcome of such an intellectual diet is at sight: "rebels without a cause". Premature assassins, thieves who has just leaved the shell, pregnant students who abort in secret, spoiled robbers among the "rich kids", etc., etc., etc.

The Social Christ. Chapter 57. The Problem of the Public Education. Samael Aun Weor.