What is the Psycho-Genesis?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Our postulates presented in this work seek to establish the foundations of a new civilization which will not have leprosy and will base itself on Psychogenesis, in other words, on the creation of man first of all, to then move on to the superman through mental and sexual super dynamics which we have been emphasizing in this book All those who wish to do so, can enter our Gnostic Institutions which disseminate my teachings, as long as they have aspirations to improve and to carry out the Psychogenesis within themselves, here and now.

The man who has not carried out the Psychogenesis within himself only uses an infinitely small part of his capacities and potential, that is why I invite our readers to practice the psychological teachings which I deliver in these chapters in order for them to learn to obtain the maximum yield from their psyche.

Within every human being exist infinite possibilities for a knowledge which is also limitless. We all possess in an embryonic stage great psychological faculties which will surge forth at the very moment that we initiate the work of carrying out a Psychogenesis in ourselves without waiting one more instant. The human being should prepare himself to know everything that concerns his existence; this is a fact that is as natural as free will.

Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? All of this should be known here and remain free of dogmas and theories.

By means of the psychological disciplines that I have been indicating, we will be able to improve psychically, in other words, to carry out the Psychogenesis in ourselves in order to place  ourselves in contact with the different dimensions of nature.

As we work on our Psychogenesis, we will be seeing our own individual improvement, thus having access to the profound esoteric teachings which throughout the course of the countless centuries have been there, at the disposal of every human being who sincerely yearns to find an answer to a number of voids and questions, and which without knowing it, answer the immortal suggestion of the Great Master: Seek and thou shalt find...

In synthesis, we will say that Psychogenesis is based on the phrase inscribed on the ancient Temple of Delphi:

“I warn you, whoever you are, Oh, you who wish
to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find
within yourself that which you seek, neither shall
you be able to find it outside. If you ignore the
excellencies of your own house, how do you
intend to find other excellencies? In you is hidden
the treasure of treasures. Oh, man, know yourself
and you shall know the Universe and the Gods!”

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Revolution of the Dialectic