Why is so important to learn how to use the Solar Energy?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The fractioning of the atom is a scientific madness that can lead the humanity to a great apocalyptic catastrophe.

The men of science instead of being disintegrating atoms should use the solar energy.

It is demonstrated that the solar energy is infinite times superior to the atomic energy.

The Sun with its energy, not only makes the Earth turning in itself over its own axis, but also makes it turn in its orbit.

The Earth and every one of the planets of the Solar System has its specific weight.

The Solar force plays with the Earth as a child plays with soap bubbles.

The astronomer who knows the movements of the Solar System knows better the movements of the atoms in the molecule than any Physicist.

The same law that governs the movements of the atom in the molecule, also governs the movement of the planets around the Sun.

The Earth and to atom in the molecule have their specific weight that should not be altered.

When the specific weight of the atom in the molecule is altered, all the atoms in the molecule suffer the consequences.

If the specific weight of the Earth is altered, the whole Solar System will suffer the consequences.

The man continues miserably exploiting the insides of the Earth and disintegrating the matter; the weight of the Earth is being modified and if he continues on this path a terrifying cataclysm will be produced.

All the combustible wasted in automobiles came out from the insides of the Earth , all the metals come out from the insides of the Earth, etc.
Now there are subterranean atomic explosions and the whole planetary organism is shaken.

We're heading little by little to a huge apocalyptic catastrophe, men don't want to learn how to handle the Solar energy and miserably destroy Nature.

That marvelous force that moves the worlds like soap bubbles can move machines, but men don't understand it and they prefer to disintegrate matter.

The atomic radiation is already producing monster children everywhere.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.