How does the Mind work?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The brain has five fundamental parts:human_mind

  1. The Encephalon
  2. The Cerebrum
  3. The Midbrain
  4. The Medulla oblongata or Hindbrain
  5. The Pons or Breach

Indeed, those who state that the encephalon governs the intelligence, memory, willpower, etc., ignore the existence of the Mental Body. Those people should study all the volumes of The Secret Doctrine written by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

The brain is made in order to elaborate thought, yet it is not the thought. The brain is an instrument of the mind, yet it is not the mind. We must distinguish between the brain and the mind.

In our formers chapters we spoke about the Astral Body. In those chapters we state that the mind, the psychic and spiritual principles of the human being are within the Astral Body.

The mind is a subtle marvelous body that has its own Ultra-biology and Ultra-pathology that is in intimate relation with the Cerebrospinal Nervous System and the brain.

Thought is a function of the Mental Body. The human being can think without the physical brain; he can think independently without the aid of the cerebral matter. This has already been demonstrated in the scientific laboratories where some disincarnated entities were materialized.


We are stating concrete facts that are already demonstrated. If the reader still ahs not read anything about the materializations of Katie King in the laboratory of Sir William Crookes with the help if the Fox sisters, the mediums for materialization, then we recommend to do it. The concrete fact that the Astral body of the defunct Katie King was materializing itself throughout three consecutive years in the already mentioned scientific laboratory. Then the scientists saw, heard, touched, etc., etc. the entity. Katie King allowed herself to be submitted to all types of experiments. Frauds did not happen there, because the scientists controlled the experiments to prevent even the slightest possibility of fraud.

At the end of the three years of experimentation, Katie King, in front of many photographic cameras, slowly dematerialized. She left for the scientists a materialized lock of her hair as final proof of the reality of her materialization. We are, therefore, stating facts that have already been demonstrated.

The encephalon is governed by the mind, yet the mind is not governed by the encephalon. The encephalon is the instrument of emotions and of the consciousness, yet the encephalon neither produces emotions nor consciousness. What is logic cannot be refused by ignorance. Logic is logic. The people who affirm that the brain produces thought, emotion and consciousness are ignorant, because they have not studied the Mental Body. So, we cannot, based on our ignorance, refuse what is factual. It is necessary for the ignorant to study.

The twelve pairs of cranial nerves demonstrate to us the Hermetic principle that states, “As above, so below”. If a zodiac with twelve constellations exists above, also here below, a zodiacal human being with his twelve pairs of cranial nerves exists. Each pair of nerves controls some region of the physical body. The twelve pairs of nerves control all the twelve parts of the zodiac human being. Such nerves are:

  1. Olfactory nerves.
  2. Optic nerves.
  3. Oculomotor nerves.
  4. Trochear nerves.
  5. Trigeminal nerves.
  6. Facial nerves.
  7. Abducens nerves.
  8. Vestibulocochlear nerves.
  9. Glossopharyngeal nerves.
  10. Vagus nerves.
  11. Spinal nerves.
  12. Hypoglossal nerves.

These twelve pairs of nerves inform the mind of all that happens in the human zodiac. The office that collects that information is the brain and the office worker is the mind.

Thus, the organs of the senses of external perception collect the information that comes from the exterior world. Then, the information passes into the cerebral office where the office worker (the mind) analyzes and studies it. Unfortunately, the office worker has always a bad secretary who betrays him.  The bad secretary is the “I”, the myself, the ego.

For instance, we go to the movies-theater were we watch an erotic movie; there, the office worker within the cerebral suite collects all the perceptions. The office worker studies the movie; he contemplates it; he enjoys himself with it. Thereafter, the secretary, by his own whim, on the sly and in secrecy, plunders the erotic images and reproduces them in Nature’s Mental Plane. This is how these images convert themselves into living effigies of the Mental Plane.

Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology