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What is the dark thing to fight against in the modern era?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

The present identity, values and image that we have of ourselves are miserable. Due to this, socia l life is full of conflicts and economic problems. No one is happy nowadays, no one is joyful. But, could the image, values and identity that we have be changed? Could we take up a new identity, new values, a new image? I clearly affirm that it is possible.

Unquestionably, we would need to disintegrate the ego. We all have an ‘I’. When we knock on a door we are asked, who is it? We answer: “Me”. But, who is that me, who is that myself?

Really and truly, the ego is a sum of negative and positive values. We could disintegrate the ego, put an end to those positive and negative values and then we could serve as a vehicle to new values, the values of the Being. But in that case we need a new didactic if we want to eliminate all the values which we presently have in order to provoke a change

To accept the negative culture subjectively inspired in our interior, following the path of least resistance, is an error. Unfortunately, people of today enjoy following the path of least resistance and accept the false materialistic culture of these times, they allow it to become installed in their psyche and this is how they arrive at the denial of the true values of the Being.

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic.


Response given on the magazine
The Wisdom of the Being, number 83.

The man must be capable of all possible heroisms in order to conquer that divine soul, "The one with a jade skirt" (Chalchiuhtlicue), to be able to marry her, be one with her. We women must be like the Greek Amazons: brave, without weaknesses, heroic fighting against the monstrous of this era and conquer that divine soul, which in us takes on the aspect of the long-awaited blue prince.
The woman representing the Eternal feminine.

Master Samael tells us: "Woman is the most beautiful thought of the creator, made flesh, blood and life", when she tells us this, she calls us all to be worthy deserving, to work intensely so that the eternal divine feminine principle can manifest in us.

To achieve this, it is essential to fight against all the rotten and dark of this era, it will not be possible to be the expression of that vivid and wonderful verse if we turn our wombs into graves, we would not have the happiness of having that wonderful force from the Eternal Mother Space flowing through us if we fall into debauchery, going from party to party, drinking alcohol and smoking, believing that being fashionable is our destiny.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXIII International Congress and the Magazine 83.