What actions could we do to fight the homelessness?

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The religions need temples to pray and celebrate their holy rituals. However it's necessary to understand that there are cities with super abundance of temples. We have seen in just one street two and three temples. That's not good. We need to be charitable, the money that will be invested in so many temples could be invested in asylums for the homeless people. This is the path of the realization of the Social Christ. The religions need to teach the world to live the religious principles, they should initiate a great social reform.

Currently the world is in crisis. There is religious persecution in some countries. The time has come for the religions to surpass that world crisis by teaching the humanity in the practice the real path of the Social Christ. Today is not enough anymore to preach theoretically. Today the religions should teach practically.

The religions should give the example for the individuals, the countries and the states to follow.

When the religions as vehicles of the eternal values teach with the practice the necessity of giving shelter to the homeless, there won't lack comprehensive men that will take to the governments complete projects and basis to create in an effective way the ORGANIZATION OF SOCIAL HELP AND SECURITY. Who can solve definitively, once and for all the problem of the homeless?

There is the necessity of starting to solve this problem right now. May the religions begin, less cathedrals and more asylums for the homeless.

The state should follow after imitating the example. Somebody should begin; let those who preach the charity begin.

The Social Christ. Samael Aun Weor.