What are the Jinas States?


"The appearance and disappearance of a body in three-dimensional objective space, or the passing of a person through a wall, is performed with success when the hyper space is scientifically utilized. Gnostic scientist can place their physical body in jinn State and move, consciously in the hyper state.

When the body of a yogi is in Hyper Space we say that he is in Jinas state. A Yogi can walk on fire without being burned when he is in Jinas state".

Samael Aun Weor. The Yellow Book.

"The Gnostic movement categorically affirms that besides the three known dimension of space: length, width and height, there is a fourth dimension. During the last 20 years, the discovering of the fourth dimension it’s been attributed to Einstein or Minkovsky…

What would be interesting is to see that fourth dimension; and there is no doubt about it, since the science advance taking gigantic steps. The modern Optic is formidable; the Electro-microscope is dangerously reaching the unknown dimension.

Scientist are about to hole in the fourth dimension, soon there are going to be optical devices to study the Higher Space.

The Fourth vertical intimately connected with Parapsychology and with the Bio-Electronic and with the Nuclear Physics and with all the faces of the science of Electricity will set a final point to the ancient fight between the spiritualistic and materialistic schools and will accurately mark the synthesis age, the time energetism.

The Fourth dimension has itself two great aspects: the Temporary and the spatial one. The first one is only the higher part of the second one, and this last one is without any doubt a higher kind of space.

The men of science are fighting in these moments to conquer the temporary aspect of the fourth dimension, and they are inventing faster shuttles every time. Once man conquests time, he will conquer space too, not only its interior three-dimensional aspect, but also the four-dimensional aspect".

Samael Aun Weor. Abraxas Magazine.