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Where is the Tlalocan and who lives there?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


"To many it will seem like something fantastic that in the twentieth century we are talking about the" Paradise of Tlaloc ", it happens that the" supercivilized "of this era have completely forgotten the Elemental Wisdom of Nature, Tlaloc is certainly a "Deva" of the element Water, is a Cosmic power of the Universe; he has real existence, undoubtedly, this class of Cosmic Deiduses normally live in the region of Natural Causes, a region to which the scientists of the atom and the molecule have no access.

The Prophets of Anahuac, in a state of ecstasy, could penetrate into such a region and talk face to face with Tlaloc. In the name of the truth, we will say emphatically that the "Paradise of Tlaloc" exists. There are 4 fundamental regions: 1. - Cell region, 2. - Submerged mineral world, 3. - Molecular world (astral and mental regions), 4. - Electronic world (world of natural causes, of the universal consciousness and region of the pure spirit). We know that there are four fundamental regions: The first we would call the "Cell Region", it is that region of organic life, the three-dimensional region of Euclid. The second is the "Submerged Mineral World", which cannot be denied by scientists because they exist, the mines and the interior of the Earth prove it (we live physically in the crust of the geological realm of the Earth, in the mineral crust). The third region is the "Molecular World", and the fourth is the "Electronic World."

From a cosmic and Gnostic point of view, we would say that the MOLECULAR WORLD is constituted by the Astral and Mental regions. As for the solar electronic world, it is formed by the worlds of natural causes, by the world of universal consciousness and by the region of pure spirit. So, there are 4 regions, and this needs to be understood ... The region of Tlaloc is formidable, extraordinary, wonderful; Tlaloc lives in the Causal World; when speaking of Tlaloc, it refers to that World of Natural Causes in which he lives. "

Samael Aun Weor. (Excerpt from his lecture: The God Tlaloc)