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Why is it important to eliminate our fantasies?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

So what is the goal of our life? Return to divinity. But to return to divinity it is urgent to create the Kosmos Man, and we will only achieve this by eliminating all our defects. The meaning of cosmos is order and the Kosmos Man must have a perfect balance in his five centers of the Human Machine, in his mind and in his essence. And so all the virtues that we lost will flourish in us; such as kindness, love, altruism, charity, patience, a happiness for the good of others, chastity, temperance, etc.

The goal of every Gnostic student is to become a Kosmos Man.

Obviously we would never strive to get something we think we have. Fantasy makes us believe that we are possessors of Individuality and even there are schools in the world that teach it.

It is urgent to fight against the fantasy, it makes us appear as if we were good and perfect, when in reality we are miserable, shameless and perverse.

We think that we are men, when in truth we are just intellectual mammals devoid of Individuality.

We mythomaniacs believe we are Gods, Mahatmas, Masters, Initiates, etc., without even suspecting that we do not even have an individual mind and Conscious Will.

We egomaniacs adore our beloved Ego so much that we would never accept the idea of ​​the Multiplicity of Egos within ourselves.

It is essential to fight to the death against the fantasy about ourselves, if we do not want to be victims of artificial emotions and false experiences that in addition to putting ourselves in ridiculous situations, we stop any possibility of inner development.



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "The Kosmos-Man".