How could we really work for Democracy?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The actual INDIVIDUAL doesn't know how to govern himself and that's why he needs to be governed.

The real holder of public power is the people in its entirety and not one or some predestined.

We do NOT deny that the power could be delegated, but we do affirm that the power is a concession of the People.

The Democratic idea is compatible with all the forms of the Democratic Government.

The Democratic Idea is NOT compatible with the forms of Totalitarian Governments, may these be of the extreme right or extreme left.

Democracy is more that a Government, Democracy is the social order wisely established by free men and women.

When the Democracy gets to perfection the Governments will disappear since they will become useless and unnecessary.

Democracy is the people wisely organized. Democracy neither is the wrong support given that the mislead people gives to a Dictator for life.

We cannot conceive the Democracy without humanist longings.

We cannot conceive the Democracy without Social Security.

The Democratic State is the agent in every activity of People.

The Democratic Government depends on the Will of the People.

The Dictatorships of the extreme right or extreme left drowns in blood the public opinion.

The Democracy could never be a static State, the Democracy is essentially DINAMIC.

The Democracy cannot be framed inside a rigid mold. The DEMOCRACY cannot b bottled. The Democracy should flow freely with the sweet flow of Thinking.

We should point out that so far in Latin-America, the democracy is just a longing, a hope, an ideal and nothing more.

We need to have FAITH, a lot of FAITH, but conscious FAITH to develop in a dialectic way the LATIN-AMERICAN SOCIAL-DEMOCRAT STRUCTURE.

The LATIN-AMERICA is a beautiful girl that walks the path of life, but two horrible MONSTERS stalk her in the depth of the woods, the names of those monsters are CAPITALISM and COMUNISM.

Chapter Two Latin-American Democracy. The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Samael Aun Weor.