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What is the Astral Projection?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


My friends, it is necessary that you understand the necessity of learning how to leave the physical body at will; I want you to understand that the physical body is a house in which we don't have to be prisoners.

It is essential to enter the Region of the Dead at will, to visit the celestial regions, to know other worlds of the infinite space.
Outside of the physical body one could have the luxury of invoking the dear departed that have already entered the doors of death. These will come to our call and we will chat then with them personally.

There are magicians necromancers that know how to invoke the dead in order to make them visible and tangible in this Physical World, but we prefer to penetrate the region where they live, visit them, know there in what state they are, etc., etc., etc.
Outside of the physical body we could acquire full knowledge on the Mysteries of Life and Death.

Outside of the physical body we could invoke the angels in order to converse with them face to face, personally.

It is good that you understand that in the past we had other bodies, other existences; and outside of the Physical Body we can remember them, and revive them with total accuracy.

The key in order to leave the dense form, to be outside of this carnal body, is very simple: listen well, hear me. In those instants of transition that exist between Vigil and Dream, one can escape the body of the flesh at will.

A very special case comes to my memory at these moments. Once I arrived at a town and I looked for a hotel; but all the hotels were full, there was not hospitality for anybody; however, I got a lodging in a collective sleeping room of guests.

There were many beds where the guests slept. I paid for the last of these beds that remained free and in it I went to sleep.

But it happened that, somewhere around midnight, a man knocked at the door, also requesting lodging. The owner of that business led him to our communal room, telling him: "I don't have beds, you see; all are occupied." The passer by protested saying: "In no part there is hospitality, I will sleep in this living room, although I am in the floor; put for me a simple mattress on the floor, or a carpet or mat and a pillow for my head because I am very tired."

The owner of that guest house, moved, consented willingly what the man requested from her.

I was awake seeing and hearing everything. The mentioned passer by, going to bed on the floor, tried to go to sleep.

I observed some details: while the man was in vigil, he moved to and fro, like wanting to make himself comfortable on the hard floor.
Suddenly he stopped moving, and I then could see, with astonishment, an ovoid grizzly cloud that was coming out from between the pores of the whole body.

Such cloud floated for some instants above that tired body and finally, placing itself in a vertical position, it assumed the form of the pilgrim. He looked at me fixedly and then left the room walking normally.

Here it is, my friends, what always happens in that state of transition that exists between vigil and dream.

The pilgrim distanced himself from his dense form; you all do the same, but in an unconscious form. I don't want to say that that gentleman of long ago had carried out a Conscious Exit; however, the same thing can be carried out at will positively conscious.

Really, this is a natural process: realizing one’s own natural processes could never be harmful; to carry out all these functions consciously, instead of making it in unconscious and involuntary form, is in no way dangerous and, because of this, I put certain emphasis on the necessity of taking advantage of the instant of transition between the vigil and the dream in order to abandon the physical body and enter into the region of the Mysteries.

There are incredulous people that say: " What can you say about the Beyond? What could you know on what there is beyond Tejas further up? Maybe you have gone to the other world and returned"?, etc., etc., etc.


My friends, I assure you that with this procedure you could go to the other world and return; I could swear to you by what I mostly love in this life that I go to this other world every time that I want, and that you could also go; the important point is that you should not be afraid.

When I want to leave the Physical Body at will, I take advantage of the instant of starting to doze, the moment in which one is neither sleeping completely, neither awake completely.

At that precise moment I do what was done by that pilgrim of my history: I get up smoothly, feeling myself vaporous, fluidic, gassy; I later leave from the room the same as that passer by of the house of guests and I go into the street.

The space is infinite, and flying I could travel to all the places of the Earth or of the Infinite. You could do the same, my good friends; everything depends on you wanting to do it.

Above all one should not identify with the material body. In the precise moment of making the experiment, you should think that you are not the body, understand that you are souls; you should feel like souls, fluidic, subtle; later, feeling so, in such a state, get up simply from the bed.

What I am saying should translate into facts, my dear friends. Listen well, you should not start thinking, that you are leaving the body, because there you would stay thinking and then would not carry out the experiment.

I repeat: translate into facts what I am emphasizing. Do what that pilgrim of our history did; he didn't begin to think that he was going to leave the body; he simply acted, got up from the hard floor where he was put to bed.

I repeat with total clarity: he got up subtle, vaporous, and left that place.

When will you understand? At what time of the history of your lives are you going to learn to leave the body at will? Do you want to know something of the Beyond? Do you want to chat with the divine beings face to face? Invoke them, call them loudly when you are outside of the body; it is clear that they will concur for love toward you, with the purpose of instructing you.

All that you need is to abandon laziness and pay attention to the process of the drowsiness; the blankets with which one covers oneself are very pleasant; you find it difficult to abandon the slack, the inertia. Remember that the will is essential and if you really propose to leave your body at will, you will achieve this if you follow my instructions with accuracy.

All the wise men of the past have abandoned the dense form in order to travel consciously and positively in the infinite space; they then chatted with the Sacred Gods and received marvelous instructions.

Outside of this physical world, we could experience all the Mysteries of Life and Death in direct form. Now you will understand why I put so much emphasis in the necessity of learning how to leave from the physical body at will.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Looking at the Mystery.