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How do we make Gnostic knowledge conscious?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

If one is only imprisoned in theories, if one has no t carried out anything practical, if one has not become conscious of what I have taught in the books, if we leave the teachings in the memory, it can be said that we have wasted our time miserably.

Memory is the formative principle of the Intellectual Center. When a person aspires to something more, when someone looks through the limitations of the subconscious and sees that which he has deposited in the memory and analyzes and meditates on the last occurrence or teachings of an esoteric book, then those values move to the emotional phase of the same Intellectual Center. When one wants to know the deep meaning of said teachings and the person surrenders in full to meditation, obviously such teachings move on to the Emotional Center properly said and they then come to be felt in the depth of the soul.

When one has cleanly lived the teachings —the cognoscible values of the essence— then, at last, they remain deposited in the consciousness and are never lost again. The essence comes to be enriched with the same.

Now we comprehend which is the way to becoming conscious of the Gnostic teachings that I have delivered in the books that I have previously written and in this one also.

Meditation is formidable to make us conscious of the Gnostic teachings; but let us not commit the error of leaving the teachings exclusively in theories or in the memory, because if we proceed in this manner we will never achieve the dominion of the mind.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: The Revolution of the Dialectic.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

All knowledge must be received in what we call in gnosis “Radical Zero”, that is, as if we had never heard anything, without mental comparisons, without reasoning, with spontaneous and ductile mind, free. Each conference must be studied carefully, without haste, without reading at 500 km/h, trying to capture the depth of each teaching.

Once this is done, if we really want to study the Secret Doctrine of the Savior of the World in a correct way, then we must go deeper and that is only possible by meditating. So we will proceed to relax the body and mind, so that it remains in absolute silence, activating consciousness. In that state, we must review the chapter, the conference, the teaching that we want to learn.

To the extent that we consolidate in this work, little by little the teaching will first move to the emotional part of the intellectual center (since each center has its intellectual, emotional and motor part). When we got here, we have taken a big step, however, it is not enough.

With a lot of mystical enthusiasm, we must continue working, without the spiritual cold taking over us, Master Samael reminds us well that:

"To change it is necessary to know, to know you have to learn and to learn you have to make great sacrifices."

If we insist on the work of meditating and studying the gnosis (the secret doctrine of the savior of the world) always with great love, then it comes to be deposited little by little in the very emotional center. Once there the knowledge has passed to a higher level, whoever achieves this, nothing and no one will take him out of the teaching.

Despite this prodigy, the work has not been finished, each teaching must be placed in the conscience and that is living the knowledge in a very intense way; thus each knowledge will be deposited in the conscience and will never be lost forever and ever.

What is even better, whoever places a teaching in their consciousness, will manifest in their daily life in the most natural way, without any effort, and when they come back to life, existence after existence, it will emerge from childhood as their own knowledge.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 98, Chapter: "Second Commandment."