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What is the purpose of experiencing the Illuminating Void?

Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.


From the strictly logical point of view, it is absurd to want to Experience Reality without knowing ourselves.

It is urgent to understand fully in all areas of the mind each desire, each memory, each psychological defect, etc.

It is clear by any reckoning that during the practice of meditation, one can see on the screen of the mind the sinister procession of all the psychological defects witch characterize us; all our happy and sad moments, countless memories, multiple impulses that come from the outside world and from the interior world, desires of all types, passions of all kinds, old resentments, hatred, etc.

He who truly wants to establish in his mind the fundamental cornerstone of meditation should pay full attention to the positive and negative values of our understanding and understand them in an integral way, not merely on the intellectual level but also in all subconscious, infraconscious and unconscious regions of the mind. We should never forget that the mind has many levels.

An in-depth study of all these values means, as a matter of fact, knowledge of oneself.

Any movie on the mind's screen has a beginning and an end. When the parade of forms, desires, passions, ambitions, memories, etc., ends, then the mind becomes still and in profound silence, EMPTY of all kinds of thoughts.

Modern day students of psychology need to experience the ILLUMINATING VOID. The eruption of the VOID within our own minds allows us to experience, feel and live an element that transforms. That ELEMENT is REALITY.

Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Education.