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What do represent the seven serpents to each side of the staircase of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl?

Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.

In the Fourteenth Arcanum, there appears an angel with the sun on his forehead. If we observe the angel will see that he has the square and the triangle of Gnostic esotericism on his vesture. The Angel has a cup in each hand and mixes the substances of both cups together. One cup has the white elixir and the other the red elixir. The Elixir of Long Life is the outcome of the intelligent mixture of these two substances.

When the septenary man is sexually united with the septenary woman, the sum is the Fourteenth Arcanum of the Tarot. Moreover, it is important to state that both the man and the woman have seven principles.

Samael Aun Weor..

Response given on the ICQ's XXII Congress.

We see the staircase with 7 serpents but the serpent is feathered, that's why it's Kukulkan, or that's why it's Quetzalcoatl, coatl means "serpent".

Here we have to the side two sets of 7 serpents each one to give us the arcane 14 of the Tarot: the Transmutation, the mixture, the mixture of the 7 with the 7 give us the 14.
These 7 are the man and those 7 re the woman, this means: the 7 fires of the man and the 7 fires of the woman and they give us the angel that is in the Arcane 14 mixing the two elixirs, one red elixir and one white elixir. Here they are.

But in all of that we are going to see all the magic of the Arcane 14, so we can say that this pyramid represents the Arcane 14, well, it represents a lots of things but here it represents that because we see Quetzalcoatl emerging from the flower, by emerging from the flower it tells us that comes from the most sacred one, from the unknowable, that it comes from the Absolute.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXII Congress.