What is an "Elemental of Nature"

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Normal people live in this three dimension world ignoring the existence of a forth co-ordinate, of a Forth Dimension.

We need to know that beyond our three-dimensional world there is the unknown dimension, the ethereal region. If we look carefully the color of the distant mountains, we could see a bright blue, pretty beautiful. It is obvious that such color it’s the Ether of the forth dimension; we’ve been told that in a future the whole ether will be visible in a full way in the same air that we breathe.

The modern scientific deny emphatically the ether and they say that the only thing that exist is the magnetic fields. People from the middle age used to deny the earth’s roundness, supposing that it was flat.

When Galileo affirmed that the Earth was round and that it wasn’t still, he was about to be condemned to die. When he was required to swear that it wasn’t round and that it didn’t move, placing the hands over the Sacred Bible he said: “I swear, but it moves”. Therefore, even if we deny the existence of ether, even if we swera that it don’t exist, we’ll have to say like Galileo; “Bu it exist”.

In that ethereal region, in that Forth Dimension elementals creatures of Nature live and this is something that we should understand profoundly. To such creatures the name of elementals is given precisely because the live in the elements.

For your information my dear friend, the fire is inhabited by elemental creatures; understand that the air is also densely populated by these kinds of creatures and the water and earth, are populated by the same elementals.

The creatures of fire were known since the most ancient times, with the name of Salamanders; the elementals of air are referred as the Sylphs; the beings in the water are called Undines, Nereid, mermaid, etc., etc.; the creatures that live amid the earth rocks were baptized with the name of pygmy, gnomes, etc. It is evident that the forms of these creatures vary too much.

The creatures of fire are thin and dry too much like the cricket, though, they’re taller.

The creatures of the air looks like land beautiful children with rosy faces like the dawn; the elementals from water have different forms; some look like indescribable ladies, happy among the waves of the immense ocean, some other have the forms of mermaid-fishes, with woman head, and lastly, there are Undines who play with the clouds or live in the lakes and rivers which run down over their bed of rocks.

The gnomes of earth, the pygmies look like old men with their long white beard and ceremonious face. They normally live in the Earth mines or look after the treasures which underlie hidden.

All of those Nature’s elementals are useful for the great creation; some liven up the fire, some other drive the air forming the winds, those ones drive the waters, these others work in the alchemy of metals within the insides of the Earth.

There are many other creatures that populate the forests, the deserts, the mountains. You, distinguished gentleman, have told us about the “Pata Sola” (alone leg), a very particular elemental from some snow-covered region in your country; it’s obvious that it is related to some series of elementals creatures with strength and power; the event narrated by you clearly show us that such elemental has enough potency as to be felt in the three dimensions world, in the physical world; in the cited relate it’s unquestionable that there was a fight between the dogs and the unknown being; I can assure you in an emphatic way that if the dogs weren’t there, the two cited men were die.

Really in the Nature’s profound womb, in the most distant places, in the mysteries of the jungles, there are dwarfs, fairies and creatures that the people not even remotely suspect.

Samael Aun Weor. Looking at the Mystery.