What is a Ghost?

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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in the world many unusual, strange, Metaphysical events do happen

Somebody told me a story concerning a very interesting case: in a party, a certain lady was remarkable for her immense joy, because she was obviously highlighted amongst all the guests for her jovial character and physical beauty.

Many youths danced with her until three of the morning, an hour in which the lady manifested to be very cold; one of her admirers lent her a coat, so that she was sheltered.

Then, like a courteous gentleman, he offered to accompany her to her house. The lady didn't decline such gentlemanly attention and left, then, the room of the banquet.

In a speedy automobile, the lady accompanied by the youth that offered his company and by some other male friends of his, arrived at the door of her house.

The young men said goodbye to the aforesaid lady when she went into her house.

The following day, the owner of the garment lent to the lady, together with his friends, knocked at the door of that mansion with the evident purpose of recovering the garment.

An old woman opened the door and asked: " What do you want, gentlemen?" "We have come"- one of the young men said "for a coat that I lent last night to the young lady soand-so" " Oh!,"- the old lady said "if you want that garment you should be going to look for it in the vault; you will find it on the tomb of my granddaughter; she was the lady that danced with you last night; she died many years ago."

The alarmed youth went certainly to the vault, they looked for the sepulcher of the lady and found it, and on it they found the coat.

See, my friends, an extraordinary case of materialization. Above all I want you to listen to my explanation; only so you will understand how this phenomenon of Metaphysical type took place.

I want you to know that upon dying three things go to the sepulcher: first, the physical body; second, the Vital Core of our organism, a kind of an Etheric Double that decomposes slowly next to the tomb; third, the Personality. This last is energy, it remains in the sepulcher, but sometimes it leaves from it and experiences the luxury of walking by diverse places.

In accordance with the story, I believe that you will understand that that became visible in the dance, that ghost that borrowed the garment was the personality of the dead.

Only so could explain us the reason why that garment was found precisely on the sepulchral grave.

Q. - Master, was that ghost the Soul of the dead, how should I understand this phenomenon?

A. - Distinguished young lady, do not be confused by what I am saying; listen to me with trust, the Soul of the dead could not be put in a sepulcher; what did appear was the personality of the deceased, and this is quite different. There is not doubt that the personality little by little is disintegrating until it disappears or annihilates. The Soul is something different; it is something divine that could not be contained inside a sepulcher.

Samael Aun Weor. Looking at the Mystery

The sparkle of the atoms is due to the packets of energy called quanta.

In the diamond, the quanta move at half their speed, decreasing their speed in a progressive manner in the air, water and earth.

An atom is like a vibrometer that produces waves with velocities of their own according to their type.

The emotional attachment of the disembodied diminishes the velocity of the quanta in such a manner that the ex-personality of the deceased can be accessible to the retina of a living person.

Then, the personality of the deceased person remains palpable.

On a certain day I found myself on the 5 de Mayo Street, in Mexico City, with an old friend; I greeted him raising my arm and I continued on my way. A few days later I met a relative of my friend and, to my surprise, he told me that Mr. Garcia Peña, the one whom I had greeted, had died two months ago. Undoubtedly, this friend’s ex personality, attached to this world in which we live, made itself tangible repeating the same actions that he was mechanically accustomed to.

It is indubitable that a close relationship exists between the energetic and atomic personality and the quanta which posses their own vibratory frequency. The disembodied, due to their emotional attachment to this three-dimensional world, customarily decrease the quantum vibration of their personalities in an unconscious manner, thus making themselves palpable and perceptible.

When the quanta are fast they are not perceived. When they are too slow, the y are not perceived either.

Normally, the quanta travel at the velocity of light and in a circle.

The secret of time is hidden in the atom. The concept of time is negative. No one could demonstrate the velocity of time; it cannot be enclosed in a laboratory.

We, between one event and another, place the time concept; the proof is in the great number of different calendars.

What decreases the velocity of the quanta is the attitude that we have at a given instant. In spiritualistic meetings, the same phenomenon of the quanta occurs.

The processes of the Cosmos are carried out in an eternal now. The rising and setting of the Sun is carried out in an eternal instant.

We should develop our own way of thinking. From the energetic point of view, each of us is a mathematical point that agrees to serve as a vehicle to specific values, whether they be positive or negative.

Image, values and identity in someone who annihilated the ego, are positive. Death ought to be considered as a mathematical subtraction.

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic