Why is Ehecatl represented with a peak?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Ehecati, God of the air, of the wind and of the night is an invisible and untouchable Deity. The Nahuas represented him with a mask of death with an enormous or naked skull with a mouth of elongated lips from where the wind was blown.

When the air was blowing from the East, there where the Tlalocan, the Paradise, is found, they then named him Tlalocayotl; when the air was blowing from the North, where the Mictian, the Inferno, is found, they then named him Mictlapaehecatl; when the air was blowing from the West, there where the place of women who die in parturition is found, they then named him Cihuatlampaehecatl; and when the air was blowing from the South, where the place of the Goddesses is found, they named him Huitztlampaehecatl.

The Masters invoked him by lighting upon the altar of the temple three candles made with virgin-wax. Ehecatl teaches how to travel in the astral body. He helps in small and great journeys, in our daily labor, etc. If we beseech him, He can then remove an old sickness from us, or an evil spell, or a bad friend, or a bad neighbor, etc.; however, Ehecatl demands payments for what he grants. Whosoever asks something from him has then to perform unselfish and good deeds among people without taking into account their race, creed or class.

Nonetheless, for the Tlamatinime Nahuas, who taught that the human being can only find the truth through flowers and chants, Xiuhtecuhtli, Chalchiuitlicue, Tlaloc and Ehecatl are not a sum of Gods but numbers, laws, forces, attributes, effluviums and thoughts of God, because none of them is the true God, Ipalnemoani.

Ehecatl was present in the resurrection of the Divine Master Jesus as a symbol of the universal movement. An arcane is enclosed within it. Read John: 12: 1-7 and John: 19: 38-42, and also as part of the text of this present chapter, read in the Bible chapter 18 of Kings and the 24th of Luke.

Samael Aun Weor. Aztec Christic Magic