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How to achieve A-Himsa?

Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

It is not overnight that our surroundings will change, nor by magic that we ourselves will stop being violent, we need to change each one from the inside and only then will our surroundings be able to change.

To be different internally, we need to understand that we all carry infinite psychological defects, which have already been mentioned by the great cultures that have arisen in our world, such as: "the red demons of Seth", among the Egyptians, "The 400 surianos (southerners) for the Aztecs," the lords of Xibalbá" indicated by the Mayans, etc. those who use personality as an instrument of action.

For this reason, the teacher Samael explains to us:

“Personalism results from that mix of ego and personality, the cult of personality was invented by the self. Really personalism breeds selfishness, hatred, violence, produces anarchy and confusion.

We cannot expect the self to evolve because the self is never perfected, we need a total revolution of consciousness.

As we die internally from moment to moment, the harmony between men develops slowly. As we die from moment to moment, the sense of cooperation is completely displacing the sense of competition. As we die from moment to moment, goodwill gradually displaces bad will.

The self was created by our own mind and will cease to exist when we have fully understood it on all its levels of mind. Only through right action, right meditation, right will, right livelihoods, right effort, and right memory, can we dissolve the self. It is urgent to fully understand all this if we really want the Revolution of the Dialectic.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: A-Himsa, (non-violence)