What is required for the moneylenders to fulfill a praiseworthy labor?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

In these times in many countries the moneylenders are persecuted.

It is absurd the idea of forcing the moneylenders to charge one or two or three percent of interest over the money borrowed.

The true is that under these conditions the moneylenders disappear causing calamities to people.

The moneylenders are indispensable. The moneylenders solve many problems to people. Any person in serious economic crisis looks for the moneylender.

The moneylender solves the citizen his most serious economic problems; if we are sick and don't have money for the doctor or the medicines, we go to the moneylender.

It's fair for the moneylender to charge for his services. The moneylender lives off his business and needs to charge interests to survive; that's not a crime, for the needy is a bless to take to the moneylender any personal object, any pledge so the lender gives to the needy the money he is requiring in a moment of economic crisis.

The moneylender deserves the payment of interest; he has won them honestly, there's no reason to block, bother, persecute him, or even force him to disappear.

Currently in many countries the governments have established state pawnbroker, secured loans, etc., and then, filled with egotism and commercial jealousies persecute the particular moneylenders who benefit the people; that's absurd. The government institutions named institutional pawnbroker (Mount of Piety) are not enough by themselves to solve all the necessities of the people.

The Government's Mount of Piety have their rules and laws and days of work, and business days; that's all right, but it happen that many persons with a seriously ill patient or difficult problem in holidays or out of business time can't visit the Mount of Piety because it's closed; then we got to go to the particular moneylender, and he solves the problem. Why persecuting him? Why? Why bothering him? Why blocking him out? If the moneylender charges a good interest for his service he deserves it, he has solved a difficult problem to the needy one.

It's then absurd to limit him, to force him to charge only the one or two percent; with these conditions there are moneylender, they disappear and by doing so the things get even harder to the needy ones. We can't deny that sometimes the moneylenders keep the pledges when the time is due, usually the time to retire the pledges over which the moneylender have borrowed us the money for, vary according to the country, people and place. The needy one knows that he has to retire his object before the time is due, whether it's three months or thirty days, etc., that is already known by the needy and if he can't get out the pledge in pawn, then paying the interest to continue calm, with the certainty that the pledge is very secure; so the moneylender gives to the needy the best opportunities to solve his problems, and because of that he is prosecuted, blocked, bothered.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Social Christ.