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Who is and what does the demon Algol?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


It's name in Arabic (the same as the Algol star which represents the Head of Medusa cut off by Perseus) simply means the Demon...

Whether in fact it is a demon or a malefic spirit when it possesses man, its effects are clear and easily demonstrable from the drunkenness, the delirium tremens and the madness, with forms of paralysis and other hereditary defects passed down through descendants.

It is manifestly clear that alcohol tends to eliminate the capacity for independent thought and calm judgment since it fatally stimulates fantasy. It also shockingly debilitates ethical sense and individual liberty.

Dictators from the past, tyrants, were not unaware that it is easier to govern and enslave a nation of drinkers than that of abstainers.

Abominable Algol turns incessantly within the vicious circle of time.

It insinuates itself in everywhere, ever tempting; it seems to have the knack for ubiquity, at once smiling from the gold or silver goblet under the gilded ceiling of a pompous palace or making the long haired bard in some dreadful tavern sing.

Malignant Algol is at times very subtle and diplomatic. Watch it shining dangerously in the glittering glass of fine baccarat, offered by the beloved woman!

Listen my friends! With the sinister Demon Algol it is impossible to make compromises, arrangements or any kind of crooked deal. Alcohol is very treacherous and sooner or later will stab us in the back.

Divine beings as well as human beings know well that the Algol Demon takes possession of the human body very subtly and slowly until, one day, it precipitates us towards the abyss of drunkenness and insanity.

Listen to me very carefully, gnostic students: In the light of the sun or of the moon, of day or of night, any agreement, transaction, diplomacy or negotiation with this malign spirit is condemned to failure sooner or later. You have to be radical with the Algol Demon!

Samael Aun Weor. The Mystery of the Golden Blossom