What is the meaning of the house of Darkness?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Darkness is unconsciousness; light is consciousness; we must allow light to penetrate our own darkness; obviously light has power to defeat darkness. Unfortunately, people are self-incarcerated in the fetid and filthy environment of their own mind, adoring their beloved Ego.

People do not want to realize that they are not masters of their own life. Certainly, each person is controlled from within by many other persons. I want to refer emphatically to all that multiplicity of "I"s that we carry within. Ostensibly, each one of those "I"s puts in our mind what we must think, in our mouth what we must say, in our heart what we must feel, etc.

Under such conditions, human personality is just a robot governed by different people who dispute for supremacy and who aspire to the supreme control of the organic machine's capital centres.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Great Rebellion.

Practically all of humanity is currently deep within the House of Darkness of Xibalba; most people are trapped within the labyrinth of theories and beliefs without having access to the light of Gnostic Wisdom, trapped within the darkness of ignorance.  There are many others who would love to never again get drunk, but they lack the keys that would lead them to abandon the vice; many others would love to not be angry all the time, and they lack the adequate technique to achieve their goals.

Yet when the opportunity arrives for many to receive the light of wisdom, they develop a perception that the teaching or the practices are too difficult, and thus start becoming satisfied with illusory and transient teachings, like the fugacious light of the ocote that lights quickly, but just as quick burns out, leaving them back in the darkness.

More information: The Secrets Teachings of the Popol Vuh. Chapter 9, The house of Darkness and the house of sharp Blades.