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What does the dragon symbolize in its negative aspect and how can we eliminate it?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I again bring up in these instants the Chaldean painting in the British Museum; behind the tree of the science of good and evil there appears the Dragon-serpent, that is the effective and practical great Initiator. Obviously, the dragon only respects the serpent, and this is unquestionable.

It is said that we have to defeat the dragon or kill the dragon, a symbolic affirmation of victory over temptation.

As we become trained and educated, as the precious gems of the virtues begin shining in the depths of our soul, the ego is being dissolved and this is unarguable, irrefutable. In any case one has to defeat the dragon to be devoured by the serpent; happy is he who is transformed into a serpent.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: “Yes, there is hell…”

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

In this painting we can appreciate a great battle against the dragon in the upper part or of the spirit the Father is distinguished, in the middle part or of the soul the Divine Mother and a choir of angels orchestrating the fight and in the lower part, the fight against the dragon with flaming spears and swords, while a scribe next to the eagle records in the books and points with a bird feather, symbol of justice.

The mythical fight against the dragon is a representation of how the human being must face the inhuman elements that he carries inside and refers to a revolutionary psychology in which it is necessary to learn to live.


The dragon, symbol of the “I’s”, comes out to feed on experiences and, as can be seen in the painting, the soul must be alert, on guard, not to identify itself, observe the movements of the dragon, understand its manifestation and ask for help of the Divine Mother for their elimination.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 91, Chapter: "Saint Christopher, the fight against the Dragon."